Caleno Drinks, Non Alcoholic Spirits

Overview For this shoot we wanted to play off the strong latin vibes and bright colors of Caleno. Their website and the bottle themselves have these beautiful graphics so my goal was to keep the setup simple and minimalist so that the bottles could really shine through as the stars they are! The Work

Detroit Grooming Co, Men’s Grooming Company

Overview Detroit Grooming Co produces everything from soaps and shampoos to beard care and shaving tools. The process of a smooth shave with a proper lather and a good safety razor has always intrigued me. The monotone nature of their products also made it extremely easy to play with color and create some really cool unique shots. The Work

Hu Kitchen, Studio Photography

Overview Hu Kitchen makes simple, organic chocolate products. With this photoshoot wee focused on the textures that make Hu Chocolate. They offer lots of different products: dark chocolate bars, baking chocolate, and vegan snacks. Their focus on allergy friendly snacks is why I was initially so interested in them as a company. The vanilla crunch bar is one of my …

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Best Damn Beard Balm, Studio Photography

Overview Best Damn Beard Balm was created by Duke Cannon and their purpose is: “To make superior-quality grooming goods that meet the high standards of hard-working men.” We focused on creating scenes that were premium feeling but would still appeal to the hard working everyday man that would be buying it. The Work

Men’s Wedding Rings, Studio Photography

Overview In January 2023 I will be getting married. We finally bought my wedding band and I decided on two because I couldn’t pick a favorite. The Record Producer from Manly Bands and a Tungsten/Padauk Wood Band from Alpine Rings. Once I had both in I did a test shoot in the studio. Below are the results from that shoot. …

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KinderCare, Child Daycare Center

Overview KinderCare reached out to us because they were opening a new location in Weldon Springs, MO. They needed photos of their new location to use in their social media ads. Good photography is critical for their campaigns and can lead to 72 new inquiries in just 6 weeks. We provided them with a custom foundations package so that they …

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Maestro’s Beard Butter, Studio Photography

Overview Maestro’s Classic is the one brand for every man and their beard butter is no different. I love Maestro’s Beard Butter because they are made in the USA and the thicker formula is perfect for coarse beards. It’s been in my beard rotation for months. The Work

Free Branding Strategy Worksheet

Join Our Email List for Branding Strategy Worksheet Our branding strategy worksheet covers the most important aspects of branding and walks you through the entire process. Audience, brand purpose, mission & values, etc are all covered in this worksheet. Now sure how to use the worksheet? Watch the youtube video below to learn more about it.

Pet Bed Plus, Lifestyle Photos

Overview Pet Bed Plus is an online retailer of high quality handmade pet beds. We worked with them to get lifestyle photos of their raised wooden pet beds in brown and black stain. We were also lucky enough to work with @thespottedcorgisofstl on their first commercial shoot! Product photography that resulted in a 10x increase in website views. The Work

Crown Royal Whiskey Lemonade, The Perfect Summer Drink

Overview Crown Royal Whiskey Lemonades are the quintessential summer drink and I wanted to convey that with this shoot. Whether at the beach, lake, or pool I wanted this chilled drink to be just an arm’s reach away so I focused on the beach and the cooler. The lemons helped pull everything together to create some of my favorite photos …

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